GRIIT’s services are designed to translate both scholarly research and on-the-ground experience in a number of overseas markets into practical use for the benefit of the business, educational, and policy communities. In other words, GRIIT’s research is turned into tools that will help these communities improve their ability to compete in international markets and design policies that promote industry competitiveness. Here are a few of GRIIT’s offerings to support each community’s efforts to promote, not just exports, but competitive exports.

Private Consultations 

  • Approach – Individual clients benefit from a research-based analysis of their companies to determine the best market opportunities for their products and/or services, identify their competitive edge, understand the players in the same market, and develop the most appropriate strategy to enter these markets. 
  • Results/Deliverables – With the help of several GRIIT researchers and a main advisor, clients receive a customized export-market analysis and strategy recommendations for entering those markets, among other firm-level data. Clients starting out with a long-term strategy in mind early on in the process benefit from additional GRIIT resources and contacts to actually guide them through the implementation phase of that strategy. 
  • Criteria – Potential individual clients, such as business owners and representatives for a company, who are interested in GRIIT’s services must complete and submit an Intake Questionnaire. This information helps the main adviser to determine the best short, medium and long-term approach to meet the potential client’s needs.
  • Procedures – GRIIT offers first-time potential clients a 20 minute complimentary session, during which a consultant and the potential client will discuss the latter’s interests and needs based on answers provided in the Intake Questionnaire, identify areas where GRIIT can assist, and present an action plan. Request for a follow-up session after the complimentary session will require a minimal fee per hour that must be paid upfront. Should the potential client decide to move forward by signing a retainer agreement, he/she can use the follow-up session fee as a credit toward the deposit to retain GRIIT’s services.  To ensure productive sessions, all meetings shall take place at GRIIT’s office location in Los Angeles, CA, unless there is an agreement to meet at another nearby location.  Read about our specific packages and sign up for your complimentary consultation today. 



  • Approach – GRIIT engages the business, educational, and policy communities through 45-60 minute keynote speeches. Keynote speeches provide clarity about trade policy debates and highlight the opportunities and challenges of international trade. 
  • Results – Participants leave with a greater understanding of current issues in the field of international trade. 



  • Approach – GRIIT engages the business, educational, and policy communities through 60-90 minute seminars focused on enhancing knowledge and information-sharing about why international trade is important. Each seminar is audience-led while also maintaining direction and focus. The topics covered in the GRIIT seminars include international market opportunities and the role that policies play in shaping industry competitiveness.  
  • Results – Participants develop a knowledge of international trade issues through a brief introductory presentation and discussion. To experience a GRIIT seminar, check out GRIIT President and CEO Sarita D. Jackson, Ph.D. at West LA College: Trade Competitiveness in the 21st Century: Insights from Travel to Cuba.

Training and WorkshopsIMG_6208 (1)

  • Approach – GRIIT’s training sessions include 3-4 hours of interactive activities focusing on the How of international trade. The How approach is broken down into various components: 1) Identifying international market opportunities; 2) Determining duty savings; 3) Understanding the basics of export finance; and 4) Utilizing trade databases to conduct international market research. 
  • Results – Participants have found the interactive, hands-on training sessions very informative and applicable to their businesses. For instance, in one of GRIIT’s training sessions titled, “Global Business Opportunities for Small Business,” 69% of the attendees strongly agreed that the information provided could be used for their specific businesses and 31%, agreed. Feedback from the sessions have continued to highlight the following aspects of GRIIT’s training–passion, highly engaging, presentation of great resources, and ability to communicate the subject so that all participants can understand regardless of background in the field (see what people are saying at our Testimonials page). 


To invite GRIIT to give a keynote, seminar or workshop for your organization, feel free to contact us.

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