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The journey around the world begins with the first step. Now that you have reviewed what GRIIT is all about and are here, why not take that first step with GRIIT. The first step is to set up a complementary consultation with a GRIIT adviser.

Pre-Consultation Process and Payment

  1. Contact or use our online contact form for a complimentary consultation; 
  2. Schedule 20 minute complementary session;
  3. Complete the Intake Questionnaire at least 24 hours prior to your complementary consultation appointment;
  4. If desired after the complimentary consultation, schedule a follow-up session (if not considered necessary, skip to Step 5) (if applicable, please keep in mind that a non-refundable fee will be applied to the follow-up session and can be credited toward a retainer deposit)
  5. Review and Sign a retainer agreement, which will outline the agreed upon scope of work, and remit deposit;
  6. Start our collaboration.


We also share our ideas via our published work. If you don’t have the time to attend our face-to-face and virtual events, the desire to sit in traffic, or just want to get access all of this information in the privacy of your home or office, then here are some items available for purchase just for you. 


Book Cover_Sarita D Jackson 2016

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To order directly from the publisher, click here. Also available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.


10% of all sales go to Alliance for Women in Media SoCal

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