See what people are saying about investing in global opportunities with GRIIT. 



“It’s the eve of my birthday and one of the best gifts I can give myself was committing to this 6-week Certification a program through the Export Technical Assistance Program, hosted by the California Centers for International Trade www.CITD.org , and supported by Small Business Administration….

Today’s course was all about Global Business Opportunities for Small Business – taught by a remarkably brilliant Global Marketing Researcher and Consultant, UCLA Professor and President and CEO of GRIIT, Sarita D. Jackson, Ph.D. @griitanalysis Wow! What an eye opener! I learned so much about Free Trade Agreements, Generalized Systems of Preferences, Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, Classifying A Good, International Market Research and so much more!”

Emma Tiebens, CEO, Tiebens Intl


“I truly enjoyed the seminar. It was a tremendous presentation. It gave me the opportunity at least to know the extent of what a business owner would have to do in order to go global. I really enjoyed it and hope to attend another one.”

Chris Jones, President/Owner, Jones and Martinez Architects, Inc. (clip above)


“Dra. Jackson ha mostrado ser muy dedicada y profesional en todas las maneras. Y una de las presentaciones que ella hizo fue acerca del Libre De Comercio y ventajas y desventajas de exportar productos y servicios a Brasil y México. Ella nos mostró en detalle porque es una decisión muy simple en hacer negocio con México basado a las tarifas, tratado de libre comercio y el costo. Realmente, todo el grupo de nuestra clase la admira, incluyéndome a mí, como el instructor de español. Estamos muy agradecido por el conocimiento de Dra. Jackson y su habilidad de hablar perfectamente en español e inglés.”

José Ángel Manaiza, Jr. Instructor de Español con MALIBU A PLUS TUTOR, LLC.

[Translation of Spanish testimonial above: Dr. Jackson has shown herself to be very dedicated and professional in every way. And one of the presentations that she did about free trade and the advantages/disadvantages of exporting products and services to Brazil and Mexico. She showed us in detail the simple decision of doing business withMexico based on tariffs, free trade and costs. Really, the group in our class admires her, including myself as a Spanish instructor. We are very appreciative of knowing Dr. Jackson and her ability to speak perfectly in Spanish and English. – José Ángel Manaiza, Jr., Spanish Instructor, MALIBU A PLUS TUTOR, LLC]


“I had the pleasure of listening to Ms. Jackson’s presentation. She is very knowledgeable in the field. U.S. businesses can immediately benefit from all the information presented here.”

Diana da Costa, founder of the International Trade Professionals of Los Angeles


“I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Jackson’s presentation, and it is clear form her depth and breadth of knowledge that she is an expert in her field.  I highly recommend her seminars and consulting services to business owners who recognize that there are lucrative opportunities for American businesses exporting abroad, and want to learn how to take advantage of the opportunities that best suit their capabilities and target goals.”

Jennifer Grady, owner of The Grady Law Firm, P.C. and founder/president of the Women Entrepreneurs Club of Los Angeles


“I hadn’t thought about going globally, but listening to Dr. Jackson’s talk has me thinking of the bigger picture.”

Aldria Walker, future business owner



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