Research Packages

Individual clients benefit from a customized research-based analysis of their companies/organizations to determine the best market opportunities for their products and/or services, identify their competitive edge, understand the players in the same market, and develop the most appropriate strategy to enter these markets.













Import/Export Trends for Goods/Services X X X
Tariff Rates X X X
Rates of Trade Growth X X X
Trade Program/Agreement Analysis X X X
Economic Complexity Index X X X
Income Equality Index X X X
Firm Assessment   X X
Product/Service Analysis   X X
Industry Analysis   X X
Country Analysis   X X
Strategy Development   X X
Procurement   X X
Investment   X X
Country Competitiveness     X
Political Environment & Risk Assessment     X
Strategy Sessions

(1x/mth for 6 months upon completion of customized market research)






SWOT Analysis


Competitor Analysis



Buyer Analysis



Political Environment & Risk Assessment



Strategy Session


Firm Assessment X        
Product/Service Analysis X        
Industry Analysis X        
Country Analysis X        
Supplier List and Analysis   X      
Buyer List and Analysis

(upon availability)

Political Environment & Risk Assessment       X  
One-on-One Post-research Consultations         X




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